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Faribault Stabbing Manhunt Prompts Look at Notification System

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Even though Shane Wilson, the Faribault man accused of stabbing his girlfriend last Saturday, was captured within 24 hours of the incident, some residents in the rural area where he was caught were still upset that they weren't notified he was in the area.
When the car Shane Wilson had stolen was found on fire on a gravel road along the Waseca and Steele County Line, authorities had a large expanse of area to cover.
Steele County Sheriff Lon Thiele says, "We received a call from a person that there was somebody knocking on the door. It was about a mile away from our scene, so as quickly as we were notified, another deputy and I took off and we were able to apprehend the suspect."

Wilson was reportedly suffering from hypothermia, and surrendered without a confrontation, but the knock on the door spooked the residents, who insisted in the Owatonna People's Press that they were not notified about his presence in the area.

They do have an alert system, and deputies did go door-to-door notifying people, but gaps still remain.
Rice/Steel 911 Center Director Tim Boyer says, "There is a problem if you only have a cell phone. The cell phone would have to be entered into this program."

That's the Everbridge Community Notification System, which can be found on the Rice and Steele County Sheriff's websites.

So to cut down on any further problems or fears in the future, Steele County officials are asking everyone sign up.