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Taylor Corporation suing Nicollet County over property taxes

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Taylor Corporation is suing Nicollet County over its property taxes.

The company is owned by billionaire and Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor.
The litigation was filed on Tuesday. The issue is over property taxes assessed by the county.
In court documents, Taylor Corporation alleges its property in Nicollet County was estimated at a value greater than the property's actual market value.
Along with the court petition was a 2013 property tax statement. According to the tax statement, the parcel in question appears to be Taylor's Corporation's property located at 2025 Lookout Drive In North Mankato, which is Taylor Corporation's Label Works facility.

According to the property tax statement, the estimated market value for the Label Works property was nearly $3 million for this year.

According to the tax statement, the total property tax and special assessments on the Label Works property rings in at $110,758. Looking at the statement, none of that tax amount has been paid yet.

In the court petition, Taylor Corp. also alleges the subject property is unequally assessed when compared with other property. The company is also claiming its Label Works property is incorrectly classified. The addendum goes on to claim the value and assessment determined by the assessor for the property is in violation of state law.

We asked the county assessor for comment on this story, but our request for an interview was declined. The Nicollet County attorney also declined an interview due to pending litigation.

Our calls to Taylor Corporation's attorney and to Taylor Corp. itself were not returned.
The county attorney's office says the case has been referred to tax court. A future court date for this case has not yet been determined.