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Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Moves To New Hospital

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Boston -

Under the cover of darkness, the Boston Marathon bombing suspect was moved to a new hospital. 19-year-old bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was transferred from a Boston hospital overnight, and taken 40 miles west of the city. He's now being held in a federal prison hospital on what used to be Fort Devens Army Base. The facility treats male prisoners and detainees who need long-term medical, or mental health care. Tsarnaev is recuperating from a gunshot wound to his neck, and other injuries.

Tsarnaev's condition was said to be improving at this hospital where several bombing victims were also being treated. Sources say after a federal magistrate came to his bedside here, and read him his rights, Tsarnaev immediately stopped answering questions. Investigators say before Tsarnaev stopped talking, he said that he and his brother were planning to head to New York to set off the rest of their bombs in Times Square. But a man whose SUV the suspects carjacked, managed to escape. That's when police caught up with the brothers, and killed one of them in a gun battle. The Massachusetts congressional delegation is honoring  the bombing victims and first responders today at the House of Representatives.  Lawmakers credit first responders with saving hundreds of lives immediately following the bombing, and countless more from the threat of future attacks. 

 FBI agents continue to search a landfill near the college where the surviving suspect was seen after the bombings. They're looking for a laptop computer, and other evidence that could link him to the attacks.