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Authorities searching for man charged with sex crimes

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Faribault Co. -


Faribault County authorities are searching for an Elmore, Minnesota man who is accused of having forced-sexual contact with a girl less than 18-years-of age.
The alleged incidents took place in Elmore, which is south of Blue Earth.

Nathan Daniel Marsh, 37, of Elmore has been formally charged with three-felony counts of criminal-sexual conduct.
"Both the sheriff and the Elmore police have done their job; they've done their diligence up to this point, so we need to catch this person,' said Troy Timmerman, Faribault County attorney.
Timmerman says Marsh is accused of multiple incidents of forced-sexual contact with a victim who was less than 18-years-of age at the time of the alleged incidents.
"That's concerning from a standpoint that it demonstrates a pattern of behavior, and patterns are always concerning, particularly when they're patterns of repeat criminal activity," Timmerman said.
According to the criminal complaint, the first incident of forced-sexual contact happened in July 2012. Alleged contact includes penetration. The complaint goes on to says the victim told authorities Marsh pinned her down so she could not get away.
"These are the type of people we do want to have in custody, we do want to track their whereabouts, we want to know where they are and what they're doing, so we definitely want to catch this individual," said Timmerman.
On April 12th a warrant was issued for the arrest of Marsh, but authorities say right now his whereabouts are unknown.
The charge of third-degree, criminal-sexual conduct has a maximum sentence of 15 years behind bars and a $30,000 fine.