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Young Crowd Looks To Established Actor For Life Lessons

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A familiar face shares his wisdom at Gustavus Friday night.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor is known for numerous, often off-the-wall, characters spanning four decades. A few of his most famous roles are thosein the television comedies The Larry Sanders Show and Arrested Development.

Tambor's message on this night: how to reconnect with your dreamsby being self–aware and authentic.

Tamborsays, "People usually have a very good time, a lot of laughs, but it's aboutwhat's keeping you from achieving your dream? I have a lot of friends who have comeup to me and said ‘I used to be somebody. Now I'm somebody else.' And that'ssorta sad."

Tambor, who's had over 170 roles, says he knows personally howhard it is to continue to go for your dreams.

"I did a commercial where I went home and cried for two days. It was sobad and I was so ashamed of myself. I remember when I was auditioning I wouldlook down and my hands would be shaking and sweat stains underneath [my arms] and I went "ugh."And I teach that a lot...about fear and not how to overcome it so much, but do alittle dance with it," Tambor says.

His presentation, with its lessons taken from an acting workshop he leads, was titled "What 'What'sKeeping You From Performing Your Life?"

Tambor says his next big dream he's currently workingon: writing a book.