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Vintage baseball played in Mankato

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MANKATO, Minn. -

A vintage baseball team held its first game of the season.

The Mankato Baltics were in action on Saturday. The players are not only required to wear uniforms and use equipment replicating the 1860s, but they also must play by the rules from that time period. Some of those regulations include: no stealing bases, no gloves, and no swearing.

Organizers say it's a gentleman's game that everyone can enjoy.
"It's something that incorporates history, and gets people interested in something," said Ariane Hawker, an organizer for the event. "We know baseball as it exists today, but we embrace the 1860s and want to show that to other people."
The Baltics went up against the Afton Red Socks and the Roosters of Olmsted County at Erlandson Park.