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Never Ending Winter Stretches Mn/DOT's Resources

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MANKATO, Minn. -

This time of year the Minnesota Department of Transportation is usually working on filling those pesky potholes left over from winter.

But today's rare May snow storm, means the potholes will have to wait.

Like those who already packed away their snow boots thinking—or hoping—that winter was over, MnDOT had also been gearing up for spring.

Thomas Zimmerman with MnDOT said, "Our equipment thank God is easy to put the plows on and off so we hadn't stripped them down too far and the plows were still able to get at and be out on the trucks," said Zimmerman.

Plus the plow drivers are the same ones that mow and fix the pole holes, so they have the labor force to take care of the snow.

"Salt on the other hand we are pretty low," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said they are usually pretty low on salt this time of year, but this winter has been especially hard on their supplies.

"We've actually used more salt this year than we have used any year in the past," said Zimmerman.

Luckily these late springs storms don't typical require much salt because the pavement is pretty warm.

"The real danger with these types of late spring snow storms is when the snow hits and it starts slushing up it can throw traffic very, very easy," said Zimmerman.

So MnDOT is doing its best to keep that slush of the road.

"That's really the key on storms like this is to keep it scrapped so we don't let it get built up," said Zimmerman.

The May snowfall is more than an inconvenience for's also another expense that MnDOT doesn't really budget for.

"We are coming it of winter pretty lean but we still have enough in the budget to get at our pothole patching and that's really what our focuses is going to be as soon as the weather gets better," said Zimmerman.

As soon as the weather gets better.