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Alliance Pipeline files tax cases in 13 counties

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An energy company with offices in North Mankato is suing 13 counties including Waseca over property taxes.
Alliance Pipeline says its property assessments came in too high.

Alliance Pipeline is a company which transports natural gas across states in the U.S. and land in Canada. The company also has an office in North Mankato on Lookout Drive.

According to court documents, the company claims the market value of its property was significantly overstated, thereby resulting in higher taxes.

Alliance Pipeline's attorney says they have filed petitions in 13 counties saying property values weren't calculated right.
"The values assessed are too high in relation to what the actual fair-market value of the pipeline is," said Tom Muck, an attorney representing Alliance Pipeline.
The litigation names the Minnesota Commissioner of Revenue as a defendant as well. Alliance Pipeline claims the Commissioner failed to determine the market value of their property.

Alliance is also seeking a recomputation of tax and appropriate refunds of tax for the 2012 assessment year.
"The state has a formula method embedded in its rules that they apply a little bit too rigidly and we're seeking from them a little flexibility in recognizing the unique characteristics of the pipeline, and recognizing what it's true market value is," said Muck.
The company says they overpaid property tax by about 20 percent in each of the 13 counties, where they have pipeline.

Inquiries seeking comment from the Minnesota Attorney General's Office were not returned.

A hearing in state tax court has not yet been established.