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Study: Surgery Not Always Needed for ACL Tears

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If you're a weekend warrior and get a tear in your anterior cruciate ligament ACL... You may be able to avoid surgery.
A Swedish study found at least half of all ACL–knee reconstructions are unnecessary, and a majority of A–C–L tears can be treated with physical therapy alone.

Mike Bogden is a physical therapist at Cleveland Clinic.

He did not take part in the study but agrees with the findings... especially if there are no other injuries to the knee.

"What the Scandinavians have seen is that a lot of people may not need surgery. Especially if they're living a moderately active lifestyle that doesn't include a lot of jumping or pivoting, they might get by just fine without surgery," he says. "So, if you have other injuries surgery is usually more indicated. If you have an isolated ACL–only injury it could be that you might get off just fine with just rehabbing it."
Findings appear in the British Medical Journal.