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Public Safety Crews Receive Crash Course in Trench Rescue Training

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Public Safety firefighters are honing their trench rescue skills after receiving specialized training from FEMA'S urban search and rescue.
Bengtson says, "What we're simulating is a collapsed trench and a worker might be stuck and so what we have to do is come in and stabilize the trench and allow workers to come down inside and rescue the trench."

The crash course training in trench rescue took place this whole week

Commander Don Lehne says it has been a goal for several years to train with FEMA'S urban search and rescue team.

Commander Don Lehne says, "They have a trench completely shored but as we were monitoring and everything thing and see what was going and on some of the trench wall has collapsed so now they have to re-shore some of their previous work because it's no longer holding.

Using special equipment to move injured or trapped people to safety. It's considered a low frequency high risk event.

Lehne says, "This does not happen very often but when it does happen we certainly want to be ready for it and it's one of things because it does not happen very often it's hard to stay sharp on some skills and that's why it's so important to being this type of training into the department."