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Church Finds Forgiveness Through Faith

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North Mankato -

Holy Rosary Parish officials think the chalice was taken right before Saturday mass. Even though the doors were supposed to be unlocked during this time, it doesn't change the way maintenance supervisor Kurt Evans feels. Evans says, "I kind of feel responsible for it you know."

A member of the church his whole life, he says it's not the monetary or even emotional value of the one of a kind chalice. Evans says, "You just feel violated."

 It's the symbolism behind it and what was once held inside of it. Church member Pat Fetter says, "It's precious to us and it wouldn't mean anything to anybody else."

As a sacrament, the chalice was used during Eucharist or communion. Fetter says, "I hope whoever took it realizes what they've done."

Using a replacement chalice for the time being, Fetter says she has faith that whoever took the chalice will do the right thing. Fetter says, "I feel that we'll get it back. I do."

And if they do, Evans says all will be forgiven by the church. Evans says, "That's our faith. Forgiving people."

A sense of forgiveness that hopefully leads to the chalice's return.