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Mankato East and West High Schools to Hold Graduation at MSU

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Mankato East and West High Schools will soon be holding graduation at MSU.

The high schools used to hold graduations outdoors on the football fields.  But with the unpredictability of weather, the schools have decided to move the ceremony to the Taylor Center on the campus of MSU.

Brian Gersich, Mankato West High School Principal says, "What would happen is if we thought that the weather was going to be bad or severe enough that we could no longer have the ceremony outside, at the last minute with maybe four hours, five hours–worth of notice, we had to notify our families.  We had to reset and move everything from the exterior to the interior of the building and that was creating some complications."

When it was held on the football fields students were limited to how many guests they could invite.

Jeff Dahline, Mankato East High School Principal says, "What really came through loud and clear from our parents was they want a consistency of a facility where they know they can bring a lot of people and that people are going to be comfortable."

Graduation is set for Thursday, June 6:00 with East starting at 5:30 PM and West at 8:00 PM at MSU's Taylor Center.