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Roundabout Reconsidered on County Road 17 Project

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The County Road 17 upgrade between Mankato and Eagle Lake is just about to get underway, but some residents are worried about a roundabout near their town. 
Upgrading County Road 17 should make for a quick trip between Mankato and Eagle Lake, but Eagle Lake residents aren't so sure about the County Road 56 intersection... the roundabout in particular.
Blue Earth County Engineer Al Forsberg says, "Our board is very orientated toward listening to the citizens. Keeping their ear to the ground. They are listening to these concerns and they asked me to go back to the drawing board and gather a little more information and bring back options about that particular intersection."

The roundabout portion is up for construction next year, so the county has time to debate the issue.

And like many decisions, it may all come down to money.

Forsberg says, "The plan was approved by MnDOT as a roundabout. MnDOT funded the turnback with that in the plan. If we change it - will MnDOT still provide the funding, or will they want some of it back? So that's a policy question that needs to be addressed in our agreement that I've already pursued with MnDOT. So we'll be getting some feedback from them on that issue. And what would a 4-way stop look like? We'll bring that back to the board as well."

The plan for this summer is to upgrade the road through Eagle Lake to the city hall driveway, and possibly extend the four-lane stretch from Madison Avenue to the County Road 12 interchange.

Mathiowetz Construction was awarded the project at this morning's commissioner meeting.