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Golden Apple is an American Hero

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The school year's final winner of our Golden Apple Award is an American Hero who really has a knack for math.

Math is an important subject in school and teachers who are passionate about it are vital.  The staff and students at Butterfield High today celebrated one such teacher in a surprise assembly.

Dwight Lahti is a brigade fire support officer in the military who has been deployed to Iraq twice.  During his tours, math scores at the school actually dropped, showing just how vital he is to the school community.

"He's well respected and like I said earlier, to have the tolerance and patience to deal with high school math kids, today, with all of the struggles that they have in understanding and to be able to do it day in and day out is certainly a challenge and I commend him for doing that for the students here," said Lisa Shellum, Superintendent of Butterfield/Odin Schools.

In addition to seventh through twelfth grade math, Lahti is also the Junior Class Advisor.

Today he was balancing preparing for Prom this Friday night and his eighth grade math class.

"Math is so important for their life, but to have a good math teacher?  I don't know, I don't consider myself a good math teacher, I just consider myself blessed that's all I'd say," says Lahti.

While deployed, Lahti was mayor of the camp he was stationed at.  He tries to incorporate life skills into his teachings.

"I think a lot of life lessons I learned in the military come into the classroom.  If I can teach math everyday that's good, but I like to teach some value lessons to the kids," Lahti says.

Because he teaches the students from seventh grade, he becomes almost like a father figure to them and has the respect of his students and colleagues.

Congratulations Dwight Lahti on your Golden Apple and we thank you for your service.