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Jackson Tractor Factory Begins $42 Million Expansion

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AGCO has already begun construction on a $42 million expansion at their Jackson tractor plant. 
Over the course of next three years, the makers of Massey Ferguson farm equipment will be making improvements throughout their Jackson campus, adding 75 full-time positions in the process, bringing their total workforce over the 1,200 mark.
Eric Fisher, AGCO Director of Operations says, "Really, it begins off an expansion two years ago where we brought a lot of the tractor manufacturing right here to Jackson, Minnesota. That's really set us on a new plateau."

Massey Ferguson dominates the global market, and is looking to make a bigger wave in North America as well.

All of this is good news for the city of Jackson, housing a company with more employees than the city has workers.
Sue Pirsig, economic development coordinator for Jackson, says, "The fact that these people are living and working here - constructing the new facilities or working in the plants, it's a huge impact here. It's not just Jackson either. It's a regional impact. We have people driving for a good distance to work in Jackson. They spend their money in their communities too."

And obviously AGCO officials are more than happy with the location as well.

Fisher says, "It really comes down to the people. You have an incredible workforce here. People in this area have ties to agriculture. They understand the equipment, how it's going to operate. So there's a passion, there's a pride, a commitment that you don't get any where but out in the rural Midwest."