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Both Sides of Aisle Call For Criminal Investigation of IRS

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The Internal Revenue Service is under criminal investigation. The FBI is looking at whether tax agents broke the law when they singled out conservative groups for extra scrutiny. Lawmakers are demanding answers and may get some today.

The attorney general is expected to face tough questions from lawmakers today over the growing scandal at the IRS. Eric Holder is going before a congressional committee after opening a criminal investigation.

A Treasury Department report found the IRS put a hold on requests from Tea Party groups looking for tax exempt status delaying some applications for up to three years. The tax agency admitted using 'inappropriate shortcuts' but says the 'flaws were corrected last year.' republicans say that's not good enough.  The report says IRS managers made the decision to single out conservative groups. Congress is trying to get to the bottom of who knew what when.  The President calls the IRS conduct intolerable and inexcusable. Acting IRS commissioner Steven Miller refused to answer reporters questions Tuesday. Miller will be forced to answer questions on Friday - when he testifies before congressional committee. Both Democrats and Republicans have called for investigations into the IRS.