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Norm Langford Is KEYC Jefferson Good People Award Recipient

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Fairmont, MN -

In towns all across southern Minnesota preserving history is important to their residents. This month's recipient of the KEYC Jefferson Good People Award has spent most of his retirement working to build on the history of the place he grew up and has lived in his whole life. 

Norm Langford uses his hands to do the work of his heart. Norm Langford says, "Its unbelievably fun. It fills all the empty spots in my life."

Norm "retired" from work in 2003, but he uses the word "retired" loosely. Lenny Tzedten says, "You could call him the consummate volunteer." He is now busier than ever helping whoever needs it around his hometown of Fairmont. Norm says, "I needed something to do. I got a lot more friends now and people I wouldn't have met otherwise."

He has spent countless hours with the Martin County Historical Society. First on the Red Rock Museum, then on the Pioneer Parsonage. Lenny says, "If it weren't for people like Norm, I don't know if we'd even exist because we just don't have the funds to pay professionals to do all these jobs. So he does a great job. He is always willing, you call him on the phone and it gets done."

Truly giving of his time, treasure, and above all talents is Norm Langford, a KEYC Jefferson Good People award recipient.