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Health Watch: Battling Bedbugs

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It's that time of year when exterminators say calls about bud bugs start to increase.

Bedbugs typically travel from place to place on clothing.
Doctor Tom Tallman with the Cleveland Clinic says you may spot the creepy crawlers in cracks in the wooden structures of beds, sofas and chairs.

Or you may notice bloodstains on bedding or furniture.

Another telltale sign your home's infested... Bite marks on your hands, arms, and face.
"They typically will bite you and you don't even feel it. It's usually some days later and you're kind of scratching and you'll notice some bites," says Dr. Tallman.
He says extreme temperatures are the best way to get rid of bed bugs. 

You have to bring in these heaters that can take a room and heat it up to at least 140 degrees and sustain that."
He also recommends placing clothes in a dryer for thirty minutes or more to get rid of them.