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8th-graders get ag insight from U of M researchers

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WASECA, Minn. -

Dozens of eighth-graders stepped into the world of U of M agricultural researchers on Wednesday morning.

Waseca Public Schools joined forces with ag experts at the Southern Research and Outreach Center (SROC) in Waseca. The goal behind the field trip was to help students understand the science behind farming.
"To me it's critically important," said Gregg Johnson of the University of Minnesota SROC. 
Students also learned about formulating hypothesis and testing different scientific methods in the field.
"We were doing scientific notation, and like learning about experiments on weeds and what weed killer would work to kill the weeds," said Jacob Johnson, an 8th-grade student with Waseca Public Schools.
In addition to the studies on field-work, 8th graders learned about dealing with nematodes, an organism that can cause damage to crops.