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Mayors Lead Bike Event, hit the Trails

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Some local bike riders aren't letting the raining weatherchange their plans. Out promoting the benefits of biking today the mayors ofMankato and North Mankato.

The weather might not be ideal but many spent part oftheir evening on two wheels.

Tom Engstom says, "Like the postal service, neitherrain, nor snow, nor sleet or anything will stop us from riding our bikes."

The North Mankato and Mankato mayors are organizing a bikeride through the two cities. It's all a part of National Bike Month observed in May.

Mayor Mark Dehen says, "We're trying to highlightNational Bike Month and really an active lifestyle. It gives you a goodalternative for driving in the face of $4 fuel and it's a good opportunity forus to get out and have a little fun."

Both cities combined have millions of dollars-worth of trailsand their goal is to continue to promote them as well as bike safety to localcitizens and visitors.

Mayor Eric Anderson says, "Whether you're doing it forhealth recreation, which is what I would do, or taking in the sights or ifyou're doing it for health reasons, people should go in check with cities andfind out where so paths are go take advantage there out there."

This event adds to the enthusiasm and fun in this BikeFriendly Community.

Engstrom says, "There's a great biking community inMankato and North Mankato and if I wasn't biking I would find something else todo to try to stay health and active."

With plenty of warmer and dry days ahead for those lookingto hit the trails and soak up the sun.