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Gas Prices Changing Holiday Weekend Travel Plans

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Although Memorial Day weekend is traditionally known for packing up your bags, hitting the road and getting out of town. This year might be a little different with gas prices so high some residents opting to stay where they are."

According to AAA Nationally, gas prices are averaging approximately $3.65 per gallon for gas. In the upper Midwest it's almost 40 cents more.

Trevor Wynkoop says, "It's just absolutely ridiculous. People shouldn't have to pay $4.12 for gas."

A survey conducted by AAA last month found that 38 percent of travelers said gas prices would impact their travel plans .

Jackie says, "When we have a holiday or a well-traveled weekend we and we have extreme gas prices we do see less people on the road with less volume, therefore less crashes. The factor of gas prices also may reduce speeds we hopefully will make it through the weekend with all Minnesota's getting home safe."

The weather up north caused Dan Danlavich's holiday weekend to change, but this way he saves time and money by camping at Minneopa State Park.

Dan Danlavich says, "It's 15 minutes from my house. I live in Mankato so it saves a little on the driving time. I can take off work and not burn a day by driving five hours north. Normally we go in the Boundary Waters camping but the lakes were still frozen and there was still snow on the ground, so I decided to stay local."

Minneopa State Park has the majority of their campsites booked. But for those who are still eager to spend some time outdoors they leave 30 percent of their 61 sites open for a first come, first serve basis.

Todd Dailey says, "This is a great location for the residents of Mankato to come out and enjoy nature that's just five miles away. So it's a huge savings for people to just come out and set up here for the weekend and enjoy what we have to offer."

A great way for people to kick off their summer activities and get away from all the hustle and bustle of a busy work week.

Danlavich says, "Just sitting around a camp fire at night can relieve a months' worth of stress.

AAA projects 34.8 million Americans will journey 50 miles or more from home during the Memorial holiday weekend almost a 1 percent decrease from last year.