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Bikers Take to Mankato Streets in Vintage Bikes

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Several residents from across the area strapped on their helmets and cruised downtown Mankato on vintage bikes this morning.The first annual Tweed bicycle ride took place as riders sported old–style bikes and learned about the history of biking in the Key City.

The event, sponsored by the Blue Earth County Historical Society began near the Hubbard House in order to foster the spirit of the times.

Shelley Harrison says, "The whole spirit of the tweed ride is to get dashing chaps and lovely ladies off and about in fine wool and fair and kind of just have a leisurely, sociably ride."

In addition to the ride, gatherers were also treated to historical information at Sibley Park where they learned about a bike–racing track that was in Mankato in 1892.

Before heading to their next stop, the bikers showed off their own bikes and shared their history.