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Resorts Weathering The Weather Memorial Day Weekend

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The 50 degree windy weather isn't ideal for Minnesotan's celebrating Memorial Day weekend. But Sakatah Trail Resort owner Al Dekruif says that's not stopping his campers from trying to have a good time. Dekruif says, "Some people huddled in a blanket. Going camping."

He says warm weather is almost always better for business. Dekruif says, "Really warm. Not 100 degrees but 85 90–degree weather is perfect."

While his customers love the warm weather, he says that's not the reason parks like this are close to capacity despite the less than perfect conditions. Hyatt Peterson says, "It's just nice to have fun and play."

No matter the weather, Hyatt Peterson says he and his family can always find something fun to do. Hyatt Peterson says, "We can fly the kite we can go fishing we can like go to the park or something."