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Despite The Cold, The Carnival Ushers in the Summer

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The arrival of the holiday weekend also signaled the onset of a Mankato carnival to usher in the start of summer.

Patrons have their choice of a variety of rides including the tilt–o–whirl, bumper cars, the hurricane, and a good old fashioned Ferris Wheel.

And while the weather may not have been ideal for the occasion today, some diehard families were out to enjoy the food and thrills.

One thing to look forward to in this kind of weather... no lines!

"They come between the clouds and we're on a nice tar lot here so there's no mud, nothing.  It's pretty easy to get around with a stroller.  There are small little puddles, nothing big, but it's all good.  We're home here so we enjoy it here," says Family Fun Shows President, Greg Hughes.

The carnival will be in town until tomorrow night, and at the price of one ticket a ride, it provides a fun and affordable family experience.  The forecast calls for some possible showers and storms tomorrow, but will be much warmer with highs in the 70's.