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Farm Celebrates Dairy Month With Calf Tours

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In celebration of the start of Dairy Month, youngsters and community members got a chance to experience dairy life up close at the Granby Calf Ranch in Nicollet.  

The Granby Calf Ranch in Nicollet held its only tour throughout the morning. Over 400 people hopped on a bus to tour the facility and see the calves.

Over 2,800 calves call this place home in this state–of–the–art–facility that opened in September. The ranch was built to house heifers to six months of age.

David Resch went on the tour. He says the tour allowed him to see first–hand what happens at a dairy operation.

Resch says, "I think it was really neat to see these little calves out there that were just running around, playing having fun, so we know that they are well–managed and well cared for."

Kathleen Herberg is the office manager for New Sweden Dairy. She says that as production farms become less common, it is even more important for people to see what happens.

Herberg says, "Well we think it is really important. Less than 1 percent of Americans now live on production agriculture sites and so we like to share our story."

At the ranch, 25 to 30 calves were in each pen and tourists got to see them up close. But since the ranch is bio–secure, this will be the last time the tours are offered.