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Murder Victim's Brother Speaks Out

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The family of a murder victim, originally from Mankato, is still in shock over David Noren's death.

Noreen was found dead by hikers in Colorado on Friday. On Wednesday, David's brother Gary sat down with News 12 at his home. Gary wore a hat David had given him previously.

David was last seen alive on May 19.

Colorado authorities are treating the case as a homicide.

Noren had been living with a roommate out in Colorado where he worked. Now that roommate is a suspect in David's death.

Gary says the loss of his only brother has been devastating to say the least.
"First you're shocked, you just...and you just don't want to believe it, and then you're angry, how did this happen, why did it happen. Still disbelief...and in some ways you don't know what to do," Gary Noren said.
The investigation into David's death is still ongoing. Gary says he hopes to learn more details about the case soon.