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United Way Participates in Day of Action

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During the week of June 17th through the 21st, thousands of individuals across the country will participate in United Way's National Day of Action.

Here in Mankato, United Way is connecting over 170 volunteers as they roll up their sleeves.

Today members of the community joined the National Day of Action to help at homes with things such as yard work

United Way's Laura Stevens says, "They're going to be doing landscaping work, window washing, getting some hard to reach leaves out of places for people, doing some raking. Basic things that people have challenges doing themselves."

With approximately 22 volunteer opportunities throughout the week, some got involved with their work or through their school to get down and dirty.

Volunteer from South Central College Robert Weston says, "Our dean at the South Central College of Business Industry, Marshall Danielson, is a big advocate for community action and she asked us if we would be interested in helping out, and we certainly thought it was a worthwhile endeavor and so here we are."

The goal for this group was to help older adults that are in jeopardy of having to move to assisted living.

Stevens says, "Maybe they're sick or recovering from an illness; just people that really need a little bit of help so they can stay in their homes and be independent."

This year marks the third year the Mankato United Way has participated in the Day of Action program.

And with the help of the many volunteers, their presence is widely felt.