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Local Contestant Appears on The Price is Right

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After almost two months since this episode of The Price is Right was originally taped in LA. This morning Maxine Wilde was finally able to enjoy this moment with family and friends.

As a longtime viewer of the CBS game show The Price Is Right, she says she tries to watch every day, and has even been to three tapings. She and some family members waited in line starting at 8:30am and were interviewed by producers of the show.

Maxine Wilde says, "I told the guy who interviewed me if I get on the show I know just what I want to play and I know just where to put the chip and he laughed."

As fate would have it, she was able to test her luck at Plinko. Appearing just as nervous and excited while watching herself on the little screen as she was on stage.

Maxine says, "I still can't believe it."

She celebrated with a glass of champagne but the best was yet to come. The Showcase Showdown.

Unfortunately, Maxine overbid but still came away with not only some great prizes but great memories as well.

Maxine Wilde says, "I have no regrets, I got to meet Drew and spin the wheel and everybody with the show is all very nice."

The Price is Right's policy is that after contestants appear on stage they can be in audience but can't compete again for a decade.

Wilde says, "I told them I'd be back in 10 years and they said they would be waiting!"

But even if she never gets back to contestants' row, Maxine has already won an experience she'll never forget.