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There's a Growing Problem in Le Sueur County with a Simple Solution

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 Authorities say over the last 10 days several car theft cases have been reported. Harlan Bloomer lives in the neighborhood that was hit.

Harlan Bloomer says, "A few days ago robbers were working in the neighborhood and hit several people, including my neighbor that lives two doors down."

Bloomer says three long guns were stolen from his neighbor's car.

LeSueur County has been working with Mankato Police and Nicollet County. Authorities were able to arrest two juvenile suspects in connection with taking long guns from a victim's car.
Eighteen-year-old Jack Anderson was arrested for having possession of the guns.
Chief Deputy Sheriff Dave Tietz says, "Thefts are occurring late in the evening and all thefts are occurring when vehicles are unlocked."

Authorities say some of the items that were stolen from vehicles thousands of dollars. It's important to remove your valuable items from your vehicle and make sure it's locked.

Tietz says, "One of the victim said she had five years of photos with her grandchildren and it's gone. It will hopefully be recovered because the investigation is still pending but it's items like that where it's heartbreaking to hear about."

Along with the digital camera and the long guns that were stolen other items include miscellaneous electronics, wallets, purses and cash.

Despite this type of suspicious activity, Bloomer says he still feels safe in his neighborhood.
Bloomer says, "I'm not worried about it I don't lock my house or my car, I rather them not have do damage to the car than to look inside."

Since this is still an ongoing investigation authorities are asking the public to report suspicious activity.