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Crop Insurance Agents Extra Busy

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After last night's storm and the entire planting season, the crop insurance agents in southern Minnesota have been working overtime to keep up with all the claims.

For the first time in 32 years, Pat Duncanson is about to file a crop insurance claim.

And while this is new territory for him, he says the process is still growing.

Duncanson says, "We're all still learning about this crop insurance, and we knew it was an option for us but we never knew it was gonna be important because a spring like this hasn't happened in a long time."

And while crop insurance is a safety net to balance out the sometimes cruel Mother Nature, Crop Insurance Agent Eric Thronson from Crop Insurance Services in Mankato, says that most farmers would rather avoid the situation all together.

Eric Thronson says, "Ask any farmer, he'll tell you, the family farm, they'll say, just let me plant my crop."

But this spring, most farmers in the area haven't been able to plant completely, and have had to turn to their insurance agents for a variety of claims.

Moline says, "Out of our Mankato office we've had some replant claims, a few prevent plant claims, as you move more east there's a little more water toward Waseca."

Thronson says, "So it's a very, very unique situation that many people in our industry haven't had to deal with in a very long time. I've had some heart felt conversations with farmers in the area right now who are almost beside themselves due to the fact that they can't do what they've done all the life."

But with their insurance agents at their sides, the farmers will be able to come back stronger in 2014.