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Nicollet Celebrates Friendship Days With 5K, Tractor Pull

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With summer comes all the festivities and gatherings of communities in southern Minnesota.

This weekend, the town of Nicollet is celebrating Friendship Days. They call it Nicollet Friendship Days, and today, we got to see friendship at its finest.

Mary Cook says, "It was inspired by two of my very dear friends. One has passed on because of breast cancer and then Angie Thompson who is a survivor."

With her friends in mind, Cook started the Nicollet 5K five years ago, with all of the proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research.

The race has grown to have one simple goal.

Cook says, "If maybe 10 of these dollars could fund a little glimpse of hope for someone that someday there might be a cure; that's my dream."

So far, the group has raised over $30,000.

While some participants were running for a cause, others were flexing their muscles at Nicollet's eighth annual tractor pull.

Kevin Michels says, "Tractors literally pull a mechanical weight transfer sled that starts out very easy going and eventually the weight gets heavier and heavier to pull."

But for Kevin and his four brothers, who are also competing, the tractor pull is just one way to foster a healthy sibling rivalry.

Michels says, "I mean if it isn't a family rivalry, it's brand rivalry. My tractor's better than yours, my truck is better than yours; the old Ford/Chevy dilemma."

But whether it's a friendly competition or an age–old hobby, the tractor pull is one way to pull the community together.