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A Glimpse Inside a Home Built in the Early 1900's

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Dozens of area residents toured old houses in the city this afternoon. The event was part of the Historic Homes and Gardens Tour.

Visitors at today's event got to travel back in time where fashion trends consisted of Victorian clothing and transportation included a horse and buggy.

Beth Hanke says, "On a beautiful day like today, especially with summer finally coming so late it's great just to get out and see the history and to see how people lived 100 years ago. It's neat how it has developed and how these houses are still livable today."

For the last six years Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association provides visitors an opportunity to tour unique homes featuring the home where the author of the Betsy-Tacy children's books serious once lived, which is now owned by the Betsy-Tacy Society.

Isabella Stading and Leah Klammer say, "It brings back everything that happened when Betsy and Tacy were little... and the history of what started Mankato and how everything has come together."

This three and a half story colonial style with Victorian influence home  owned by Jay Hubbard and built in 1902. It's one of the largest wood-frame houses in the district. Jane Baird says, "I like sharing the history of the house because it has a long varied history and we like to be able to show that to people."

Jane Baird bought this house in 2003 but this isn't the first unique home she's lived in.
Baird says, "Ever since I was a child I helped my dad when he was renovating our house and I've always been interested in doing that."

While many people live in modern homes, Jane says there's something really special about house built several years ago. Baird says, "I love the natural wood work that you would find in older homes. It's outstanding. And I've always been intrigued by the large front porch, they don't always have that in main houses today."