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2 Confirmed Dead in St. Peter Home

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Two are dead tonight in St. Peter from what police are saying are apparent gunshot wounds.

Little information is known about the circumstances or the identities of the individuals involved, as police investigate. 
Police received a call about the incident around 5:45 this evening and are continuing the investigation process at this hour.
The crime scene is located at 601 South Front Street in St. Peter, with police saying they found two people in the upstairs apartment, both deceased, from apparent gunshot wounds.

The home is located just across the street from the Nicollet County Courthouse and Sheriff's Office, with both Sheriff's deputies and St. Peter police on the scene, cordoning off the scene with police tape and doing initial investigation work.

But police say an official statement, including names of the deceased until after a full investigation, with St. Peter police chief Matt Peters saying a warrant was needed before authorities could go any further.
"At this time it would be wrong to talk about a lot of the information that we already know, because that could change, frankly, as time goes on."

Peters would not set a timeline for any further release of information, choosing to wait until the investigation is concluded.