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Initial Plans Approved for Veterans Memorial in Waseca

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The Waseca County Board approves plans for a veteran Memorial site located on the south lawn of the Waseca County Court House.

The preliminary rendering for the Waseca Veterans Memorial was reviewed by the county commissioners last week. They unanimously endorsed the project.

It has been 72 years since this memorial was built in 1941, which commemorates vets from the Civil War, Spanish American War and WWI.

Harry Popiel says now is the time for another one.

Veterans Memorial Committee, Harry Popiel says, "It's a personal thing for everyone. This means more to some people than others but for the people that value the service that they gave it's a nice recognition for that service."

The fundraising of the project has started so far they have collected $20,000 but organizers are anticipating the total cost will be around six figures. B.E.S.T. of Waseca County is also supporting the project.
Executive Director B.E.S.T. of Waseca County, "We're a 501C3 which is helps with donation if you can get tax credit; it's another incentive for people to donate to the cause."

While the decision has already been made there was some controversy regarding the location of the Memorial.

The Court House is on the National Register for Historic Places. There are recommendations from Historic Preservation office recommending no further construction to maintain its original condition.

Waseca County Administrator, Laura Elvebak says, "This is a historic building and it has been fairly well preserved over the years to maintain historic character. There were some concerns trying to maintain that status yet still being respectful of the veterans in our community... the board has been very sensitive to those concerns."

"The fact that we're going have a lot of input from the public and some and involvement and some ideas how to make that look even better that will be an exciting process."

The Veterans Memorial Committee will not be using any funds from the county just the land.
Popiel says, "The commissioners wanted to put it on county property since it's a county memorial."

The board will meet again for approval once final plans become available.