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UPDATE: Alyssa Sandeen Gets New Heart

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The wait is over for the Mankato woman in need of a second heart transplant. Thursday a heart became available for Alyssa Sandeen.

It's an announcement that's already gotten lots of attention on social media.

Alyssa Sandeen's father, Chris, tells KEYC Alyssa's surgery started at 4:30 Thursday afternoon.

KEYC and so many people have been following Alyssa's story since she was 8 years old, when a rare infection caused her heart to swell to four times its normal size. In August 1998, Alyssa was put on life support for almost two weeks until a donor heart made her first heart transplant possible.

In 2009, anti–rejection medications apparently caused Alyssa's kidneys to fail.  After not finding a compatible donor for six months, Alyssa's mom, Lisa, volunteered and gave her daughter the gift of life. Both women recovered fully from the kidney transplant.

In November 2011, Alyssa's first donor heart began to fail.  She was put on a list for a second one.

Before Thursday, she had been waiting for that heart for more than a year and a half.

On Facebook, Alyssa posted that today's news brought her to tears, her family asking for prayers that the surgery goes well.

Stay tuned to KEYC for updates on Alyssa's surgery and recovery.