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Immigration Reform Passes Senate

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A group of eight Senators, four Democrats and four Republicans, did something very rare yesterday. They came together and passed a bill with bipartisan support. But passing a bill in the Senate is just one step in the process to becoming law.  The issue now moves to the House where there are serious differences that have to be overcome before an immigration reform bill makes to the President's desk.

Speaker of the House John Boehner says he will not bring the Senate bill up for a vote. He says House Republicans will create their own immigration reform plan. One of the biggest sticking points for many House Republicans is what to do with the nation's estimated 11-million undocumented immigrants.

The Senate bill provides temporary legal status for undocumented workers and eventually citizenship if they pass a background check and pay fines and back taxes. Senate leaders say they couldn't have passed the bill without that provision. Democrats say the House bill will need to have a path to citizenship as well. 

But many Republicans say citizenship rewards people who broke the law.  Speaker Boehner also says Americans will not support any immigration reform bill that doesn't include strong provisions to secure the border.