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St. Clair Man's Commute Will Never Look The Same

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Many people descended on the MSU Mankato campus this morning to take in the demolition spectacle.

Several dozen vehicles lined a gravel road two miles south of campus. Some brought lawn chairs, their favorite beverage, others even had breakfast while they waited. Many were there just for the implosion sightseeing purpose, while others had personal reasons for attending. Steve Frank, says, "I come out early to watch the buildings go down because I've driven by them for all my life and it's kinda just history...." Denise Billington-Just, says, "I drive this road often and I've been thinking about a good place to watch when 'the day' came. So, probably a couple years' time and decided this was the place."

Just minutes later, the big moment came and Gage Towers were gone.