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Fatal Wildfire Burns Out of Control in Arizona

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Yarnell, Arizona -

Hundreds of firefighters are battling a deadly wildfire that is still burning out of control in Arizona. It killed 19 members of an elite fire crew Sunday.

Daylight revealed the destruction in Yarnell, Arizona. Thousands of acres charred. Hundreds of homes burned to the ground. Late Sunday, there was a tragic discovery: the bodies of 19 firefighters who were members of an elite team called the Granite Mountain Hotshots. The Hotshots were fighting on the frontline of a wildfire that is still raging. The wind-driven flames suddenly changed direction toward the crew, and the members tried to take shelter in small fireproof tents that are used in emergencies.

Fire officials say some of the firefighters were found inside their shelters, others outside. One member of the crew escaped the flames, and is being treated at a hospital.

George Hunter says the house he and his family lived in for 26 years is now gone. He escaped with a few precious items, and knows he is not alone in this tragedy and says his heart goes out for those 19 firemen that lost their lives. President Obama called the 19 dead firefighters heroes . Fire officials think lightning sparked the wildfire. So far more than 200 homes are destroyed.