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Mankato Manhunt Ends With Suspect Still At-Large

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A massive manhunt in Mankato ends with the suspect still at–large after authorities called off the search early this afternoon.

Chief Deputy Mike Maurer says, "One of our deputies was on highway 83 and had observed a vehicle. Having been familiar with the vehicle, he recognized Jacob Friedrichs and our deputy understood that Mr. Friedrichs had a warrant, so he followed the vehicle into the South Haven trailer park area. Upon attempting to make a stop on the vehicle, the individuals exited the vehicle, fleeing on foot."

Authorities are still looking for Friedrichs after calling off a majority of the search around 1:00.

While the search was going on, authorities had warned the neighborhood to stay inside so that Friedrichs would not sneak into any homes, and to keep from interfering with police canines.

But Maurer believes residents of South Haven and the rest of the public have nothing to worry about.

Maurer says, "The individual, who we do not consider armed and dangerous is still a fugitive from justice..."

There are two felony warrants out for Friedrichs arrest, for first degree assault and for fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle.

Authorities are asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Friedrichs should call the Blue Earth County Sheriff's office at 304–4863.