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Drought Ends, Farmers Almost Back on Track

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Last year it was all about the drought. This year, it's been all about the rain.
But farmers may be seeing a stretch of *perfect growing conditions at the *perfect time of year.
Weather has been just about everywhere in regards to farming. And it wasn't that long ago that pretty much the entire state was in a drought.

Then came spring snows and heavy rain throughout May and June. The drought disappeared everywhere but a chunk in the northern part of the state.
Ag Expert Kent Thiesse says, "Most of the region was among the lowest stored soil moisture in a couple of decades. Not only have we had enough moisture in our topsoil, it replaced that stored soil moisture."

But farmers were late getting into the fields because of the excess precipitation.

Experts estimate that crops are about a week behind on average, though knee high by the fourth of July applies in this field outside of Lake Crystal.

Thiesse says, "The growers that were fortunate enough, even though they planted late, now responding to warmer temperatures. If they avoided the heavy rains in June, didn't have a lot of drown out damage, they probably have some fairly good crop potential, given the fact that the crop is a little bit behind normal, but it is catching up."

Six of one, half a dozen of the other.