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Egyptians See "Friday of Rejection"

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Cairo, Egypt -

Islamist supporters of ousted Egyptian president Muhammad Morsiare rallying today, calling it "Friday of rejection."

The Egyptian military says it plans to surround theprotestors to keep the peace.

 At a pro-Mursi rally Muslimbrotherhood spokesman Gihad al Heddad summed up the mood among the oustedpresident's supporters.

 Many in the crowd saidthey did not accept that Mursi is no longer in power.

"That's my president, that's my president" one manshouted.

"Of course he's the president, regardless of whatever couphappens."

In anticipation of a violent backlash from Morsi supporters,there was a large military presence in parts of Cairo where there have beenclashes.

 Some people honkedtheir horns to show their appreciation of the army.

But not all the reactions were as friendly... Mursisupporters mobbed an armored vehicle near Cairo University - Clashes followed.

In other parts of town, the celebrations continued as Egypt'snew president gave his inaugural he speech, promising that new elections werethe only way forward - and extending an olive branch to the Muslim brotherhood,inviting them to participate in building the nation.