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Jobless Rate Holds Steady, Holds Promise

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The unemployment report out today includes more signs the USeconomy is on the rebound. Economists aren't calling the numbers great, but saythey do look healthy - while some job seekers are finally having successlanding work.  

New Yorker Teresa Luong thought the search for her dream jobwould be a breeze.  She said, "Realistically,I thought I'd get a job in about 3 or 4 months, 4 months max.  And then it just kept going."

 With bills piling up,Luong joined millions of under-employed Americans, taking a job below herqualifications and for less money while she continued her search.

The employment report released today shows the economy added195-thousand jobs in June - better than analysts expected.

But the unemployment rate didn't budge - remaining at7.6-percent - because more people out of work started looking for jobs again.

The White House says the June jobs report confirms a healthyeconomic recovery.. but Republican lawmakers insist the President's policiesare holding back job growth.

There was some concern on Wall Street, that if this jobsreport was too good, the FederalReserve would raise interest rates and stocks would slide.

Doreen Mogavero, NYSE Trader, said, "I think they weregood enough to be good but not good enough to see the fed kind of dial back ontheir numbers."

After a 9 month search - Teresa Luong did land a job in June- at a skin care company.

Luong said, "it all worked out. I love my job, and Icouldn't be happier. And I really do feel like I have gotten my dream job."

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are roughly 3unemployed Americans for every open position like Teresa Luong filled.

The latest report also showed pay rose sharply in June andmore people landed jobs in April and May than previously thought.