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Mankato Public Safety: Other Than Fireworks - Quiet Holiday

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All across the country, fireworks went off to celebrate 237 years of independence. In Mankato, thousands of people gathered near the river for the Red, Hot and Boom event last night.

While music, food and beverage vendors drew most of the crowd to The Vetter Stone Amphitheater, in Riverfront Park. Mankato Public Safety officials tell News 12, that other locations around town, like the Veteran's Bridge, were also popular with fireworks fans.

Mankato Department Of Public Safety, Commander Matt DuRose, says,"(There were) A lot of people that came in and out and enjoyed the fireworks. But, no major crashes, no fights, disturbances, anything like that. So, overall - a very safe and enjoyable event."

Vetter Stone Amphitheater is much quieter today. Coming up next for the venue: country music Hall of Famer, Merle Haggard is set to take the stage, July 24th.