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UPDATE: Fugitive Search Called Off in North Mankato

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Authorities from multiple agencies converged on North Mankato this afternoon, spending nearly four hours looking for a suspect who eluded police less than a week ago.

For tonight, police have called off the search for Jacob Friedrichs who fled on foot into the hills of North Mankato.

Their search made too difficult due to high humidity and heat.

Authorities have been looking for Jacob John Friedrichs and noticed him in upper North Mankato.

Nicollet County Sheriff Dave Lange says, "Officers approached him today and he fled in a vehicle. He put a lot of people's lives at risk. He is a danger to the public because he has no regard for the public. He drove the wrong way down the highway and then put his vehicle in a ditch and we were searching the general area here for him."

The search was along the hills of the Highway 14/169 intersection. Authorities established a perimeter behind the Happy Chef and stayed there for about four hours before calling off the search due to heat.

Lange says, "Humidity, high temperatures. The people who are walking these ravines can only do it so long and then you're physically exhausted from dehydration and so forth."

The search began just before 3 o'clock this afternoon and ended just before 7 o'clock tonight.

Friedrichs stands accused of assaulting a police officer and had eluded law enforcement last week on Tuesday, evading police in the South Haven mobile home park in Mankato. He is wanted on charges of first degree assault and for fleeing a peace officer.

Today's incident began with several squad cars pursuing a green Buick through North Mankato.

That car pursuit ended at the Happy Chef on Highway 169 when the suspect got out of the vehicle and fled on foot, leaving the Buick in the ditch.

Police had cordoned off an area near that restaurant and were searching in the hills.

Police are also lined up along the off ramp on 169.

Ten law enforcement agencies are involved in the search, including the Jordan and Fairmont police.

A helicopter was also part of the search, as well as canine units.

Friedrichs is wanted on charges of first degree assault and fleeing a peace officer.

Sheriff Lange also says that Friedrichs is getting help from friends who may also have charges filed against them.

He also says the public should take extra precautions as well

Lange says, "No respect for people or their property. If their vehicle is left unlocked and their keys are in there, there's no doubt in my mind he'd steal a car."

Law enforcement is asking for anyone with information on Friedrichs' whereabouts to call 911.