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Emergency Personnel Practice For Ethanol Fires

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Several emergency agencies from throughout Sibley County and even a few in Carver County practice for an ethanol train wreck, and all the dangers that come with it.
An engine on loan from the Twin Cities & Western Railroad Company, some locals dressed up as injury victims... and a few cosmetic additions to the training vehicle, and emergency personnel were ready for a dry run, in case a train hauling ethanol ever gets into an accident.
Fire Rescue Consultant for South Central College Bob Scheidt says, "So not only Arlington, but for Hamburg to make it here, Green Isle, ... it's a learning experience to say the least, as real world as we can make it."

The big problem with rescue efforts involving ethanol is that the most dangerous thing you need to look out for can't be seen in the first place.

Scheidt says, "Straight ethanol, during the daytime, you cannot see any flame and there's no smoke. So it makes a difficult scene and that's what we're going to have here. There will be a contamination onto the persons."

The contamination aspect means an initial cleaning of the victims at the crash site, and again in the hospital, to go along with the chaos of a train vs. car wreck already in flames.