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Authorities Conduct Training Exercises at New Ulm Schools

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NEW ULM, Minn. -


Officials from multiple agencies descended on an elementary school in New Ulm on Thursday as part of a training exercise.
The simulated scenario dealt with an active shooter inside the school.

"What we're doing is we're practicing with law enforcement, this is going to be an active-shooter scenario, full-scale exercise," said Desiree Hohenstein, Brown County Emergency Management assistant director.

Authorities say the training is critical.
"We try to make the training as real life as possible, so the officers don't know the scenario until they get a call via radio, and sometimes there's going to be multiple shooters, sometimes there's going to be one shooter, sometimes there's a hostage situation, they don't know realistically until they get the radio call," said Cmdr. Dave Borchert of the New Ulm Police Department.
A similar exercise also took place at New Ulm's Cathedral High School as well. Schools officials say the need for such training is unfortunate but necessary.
"If you thought about this 20-30 years ago, that wouldn't be the case that we were doing this, but it is unfortunate, but you know again, it is our responsibility to protect our children," said Peter Roufs, Cathedral High School principal.

A similar training scenario is scheduled to take place in New Ulm next Thursday.