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Walz Explains No Vote On Farm Bill

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The US House passed their version of the farm bill late last night.

Today, Congressman Tim Walz explains why he voted against the Farm Bill after originally voting for the first version.

The congressman says he voted against the bill because it only included parts for agriculture and not the nutrition and food stamp portions.

Walz says, "Certainly it wasn't a farm bill like we've ever seen before. It was a partisan attempt to try and save a little face and move something through that is never going to be law. It's unfortunate."

The first bill included both of those but was defeated in the U.S. House of Representatives.

This time, the version of the bill split off the nutrition and food stamp additions in order to garner Republican support.

It passed by a 216–208 vote, with all Democrats voting no.

The bill will now go on to committee.