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Fun Days Celebrates 48 Years

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The 48th annual North Mankato Fun Days is in full swing and will continue through Sunday.

The festivities, which began as a celebration after floods in 1965, has grown to much more.

Spencer Anderson says, "You get little babies crying because they are too scared to go on, but then once they get on, they're crying because they don't want to come off."

For some, the experience at Fun Days has been short, like for Eli Stoll who is at his second carnival, having been on a few rides."

Eli Stoll says, "The Ferris Wheel, the bumper cars."

But for others, it's been a lifelong tradition.

Greg Hughs says, "I came here back in '69 looking for a job. And I got one fetching balls for a dollar a day. And as time went on, my friend, who eventually became my best friend, and I bought the whole carnival from him."

Hughs is the owner of the carnival and has been running it for over 20 years, and as times goes by, he's been able to see Fun Days grow into what it is today.

"I came down to North Mankato as a little kid, and now as an adult, and as a business owner, I've seen it grow and grow not only as Fun Days, but as Family Fun Days for not only Mankato/North Mankato, but for all the communities."

Communities that share in the passion and fun of a summer pastime.