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Granada Couple Provides Second Chance to Troubled Youth

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Just off of interstate 90 smack dab in the middle between Fairmont and Blue Earth is the quiet town of Granada.

Brenda and Gene Duncan consider themselves empty nesters, but not for long.

Second Chances will be their life from now on. They sold their home to afford the new place.

Brenda says, "After receiving a degree in social work and a minor in corrections this has come full circle and my dream has come true."

Soon, this church on Main Street will open its doors to troubled teens, and across the street, a dog shelter to go with it.

Brenda says, "It teaches responsibility, unconditional love and a work ethic. The idea for a dog shelter program is to ready these dog for adoption."

The name they chose -  Second Chances - carries a special significance with the Duncans.
Gene spent the majority of his juvenile life locked up, and believes that will provide a keen insight for the troubled youths.
Gene says, "Most of the kids that will leave here will probably get in trouble but what we are doing right now and when they have a family of their own and start making the right decisions that then what we are doing here will matter."

Gene made good on his second chance now he and Brenda are hoping that every boy that sleeps under their roof does the same.
It's their goal to raise around $45,000 for the down payment on the project, and to have it competed in 2014.

Second Chances is also looking for assistance with the foundation, flooring and electric work.
They'll be hosting two fundraising events to help raise money. 

On Wednesday, July 31 from 4pm-8pm the Duncans are hosting a Perkins Event Night in Farimont. On Sunday, August 25 from 8am-1pm there will be a pancake and sausage breakfast at the Eagles Club in Fairmont. Tickets are $7 a plate.