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Fourteen Bikers Ride Across America

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Fourteen bike riders made a stop in New Ulm as part of their ride across country for the American Lung Association.

Thirty–three hundred miles. That's how far 14 bikers will travel across the country to help raise money for the American Lung Association.

They started in Seattle on June 17th and arrived in New Ulm Friday afternoon.

Their journey spans over 48 days, with only eight rest days, including one in New Ulm today.

With their bikes being stored in a van while they rested in New Ulm, the riders got some well deserved R&R.

And while the bikers come from 10 different states, their journeys have brought them together, united by a passion for finding a cure.

Kendall Smith says, "It all started with my mom as she was diagnosed with cancer and died. I'm hoping that with the money I've raised it'll put us, get us another step forward in finding a cure for cancer."

And while fighting cancer has always been an uphill battle, the challenges these riders face hasn't been a bed of roses, either.

John Gratto says, "We go, the longest day is 112 miles but it takes us all day. The weather's been generally good. The last couple days have been very windy with 20 MPH head winds and the sidewinds slow us down a lot."

And even though they've already raised close to $140,000, there's been times they've wanted to give up.

Smith says, "It was raining and like 35 degrees, it was like I kinda wanna get in the van, but I just couldn't get myself to do it."

But with the spirit and memory of his mom in mind, the ride has one simple message:

"Never give up. That's been the hard part for me in my life. I've really wanted to give up a lot of times and this trip has really taught me to just keep moving forward, and don't give up no matter what, no matter how hard it is. There's always hope and there's always a way out."

And while the bikers' journey will end on August 3rd in Washington, D.C., the journey to find a cure and the memory of Kendall's mom will live on.